Les Petits Chats

A beautiful French woman named Stephanie lives next door and she just borrowed our little table to have dinner tonight with her boyfriend on what is basically a landing outside our apartments. We’re staying in tonight, so I hope it’s not awkward. She is magnificent looking. She feeds the stray cats and last night when we came home from dinner the strays’ three kittens were on the landing. They freaked out as we started up the steps and ran, fell and rolled down, one of whom looked to be severely injured. He flopped and wriggled his way behind the plastic tarp over the entrance to the abandoned building next door. It was a horrible awful thing to see—kept me up all night, re-seeing it. I just told Stephanie about it, and she said, “Ah! Don’t worry! She is a CAAAT! We have a saying here in EETaly. CAAATs, they have the seven lives!