Under the Tuscan Sun

Got up today in Arezzo and prepared to drive to Cortona. We decided to drive home slowly and see the Tuscan countryside. Breakfast was nice. We thought it odd it that they asked for our room number when we ordered cappuccino. I asked at check-out and it turns out, they do charge for extra coffee at breakfast (it’s a B&B) because some people were having seven or eight cappuccinos and it was costing them too much money. Fred and I had two each. She said one comes with the room, but if you want two, that’s okay. Breakfast is 8 to 10, and check out is at 10. Made for a bit of a rush because usually they end breakfast with a little extra time to gather your things. At check-out she handed me an evaluation form to check off my satisfaction rating, 1 to 10. AWKWARD because of this one complaint I had about the fact that there was no where to sit and just “be.”  As I wrote, I told her that everything was great but the chair in the room was a little low and that when my husband sat in it he was too low to reach the desk level where his iPad was. She said, “Oh, that’s because we are so short.”  ? Whatever. The chair was stupid. Case closed. It was an easy chair, not a desk chair. We drove home via Cortona, which was amazing. [Later found out it’s the setting for Under the Tuscan Sun.] Found a place for a quick slice of pizza, which I passed on and had a LARGE cup of gelato which allowed me FOUR different flavors. Heavenly. And my first [and only!] gelato of the month. On the way home we stopped at a lake for a spritz and some chips to break up the drive. The boys did not find this necessary. Got home at 6:15. All of us completely zoned out for two hours. Fred made some pasta. We had dinner. The boys played Minecraft while I washed dishes. Now Fred and I are in bed reading, blogging, etc., while the boys watch for shooting stars and satellites, calling us out to the balcony at every spotting.

Cool flea market!

Four flavors!

An Italian relic.

Funny pigeons. Very still. All staring in the same direction.