More Wows & Vows on a Saturday in Italy

Woke up in Florence and had breakfast. The boys had already come and gone from the breakfast room before Fred and I even got there. Got out the door by 10:30, the time when the garage guys told us we would have our car, but when we got there, no sign of our car. They had told us we can pick a time and the car will be there, but if we change our mind, just call and they’ll have it there in ten minutes. We got there and they looked at us like they’d never seen us before (but I remembered the guy because he looked more like an American dad than an Italian guy) and he asked, Did you call?  oy…. Fred went to a bookstore down the street and got back just in time for our car. Off to Arezzo!  We were dying to get there because we wanted to see the sights and be at our Villa as soon as check-in at 3:00. But much to the great annoyance of Owen, there was a wedding about to happen as we were getting to the car, so we stayed an additional 45 minutes. It was amazing! We usually see or partially see two or three weddings most Saturdays in July, so we’re a little used to it, but still, it’s always a hoot, and this one was awesome. This post will be all about the wedding, and the next one will be more about Arezzo.

Babies are always welcome at an Italian wedding.

Love this guy. I think he's the grandfather of baby Gabriele. 

Onlookers from the wine bar across the street.
Onlookers are totally accepted and expected.

Fantastic fashions on these guys.

Two funny things here: the two girls in front were just passing by, not wedding guests.
And the couple in the back, same. Just watching & judging.

Boys & girls.


the lovely bride!

And her mother adjusting her train.