Morning Walk

This post will be just photos and an occasional caption 
from my morning walk around Viterbo yesterday.

Crazy t-shirt captions.
Others I've seen are: "I'm a fashion dog"
accompanied by a drawing of a dog in a tutu.
And "I've got my shoes. Where's the party?"
accompanied by an image of diamond studded stilettos.

Across the street from our apartment, three pillows hang out the window every morning.
I don't get it. This is another part of town. All over town, linens, rugs, pillows and towels
seem to be at different stages of trying to escape from their apartments.

Check out the woman :)

The graffiti reminds me of the t-shirts.

Design is everywhere.

Opera's in town.

There's this little white bird in a cage hanging out the window, chirping away with other birds.
I wonder if he wonders why he's the only one in a cage.

Tweetie bird stickers were all over this little yellow Fiat 500.