Penthouse Pizza Party

The night before we left Italy, we had dinner with the extended Basile family, our friends next to whom we lived our first year here. What a dinner it was. Every time, actually. Last year was at the home of one of the daughters' family in a neighboring town. We had grilled EVERYTHING that day—steaks, potatoes, onions, peppers, tomatoes—everything that's ripe enough to pick, you eat in July in Italy.

This night's dinner was at another daughter's home just a few blocks from our place in Viterbo. Alessandra and Mauro's son Leonardo, whom we've known since he was 7 (now 17) met us with his girlfriend at the gates to the city. We live inside. They live outside. Apparently, Mauro is known for his pizzas—and now we know why. Since their apartment is on the top floor, they can have a pizza oven on their balcony, built right in. Unbelievably cool. We'd never seen such a view of the town we call home for one month of the year.

Mauro made 28 pizzas!  I can't remember how many kilos of dough he turned into those 28 pies, but WOW. We ate all night from tomato and cheese, to sardines, to Nutella pizza for dessert! Followed, of course, by homemade limoncello, orange liqueur, mirto (sort of like a blueberry liqueur), and Jamesons. :)

Pre-Pizza Party

Mario, the patriarch.

Just four of the 28.

Rooftop pizza oven.

Things in full swing.

Emilio & Roberto. A Basile son and a Basile son-in-law.

Leonardo & Sara.

Georgia & Mario.

Alessia & Ilaria

Antonella & Assunta (the matriarch)

Mauro! The pizza man!

Sisters—Allesandra & Emanuela

They are waving goodbye to us from the balcony as we make our way home. Does it get any better than this?