Vulci & Il Monastero

Slow morning today. I drove Frank to store his boxes at the school. The boys got a few slices of pizza for lunch, and we all drove out to Vulci, about an hour away. We took a scenic route through a road carved out of tufa (soft, volanic rock) with sides about 20 feet high. Once at Vulci, we passed on the museum and the boys went straight to the watering hole. It’s truly like a hole, surrounded by cliffs, with a waterfall that you can stand under. Fred went off to draw and had a very unsuccessful time. No shade, no good vantage point. Plus, he fell so he looked like a wreck when we saw him next. I went to the restaurant and set up shop. There was wifi, shade and a great steady breeze.  I was going to simply have coffee, but everyone around me was having lunch, and it felt rude to sit there for three hours and just drink coffee, so I went full out and had a salad, a glass of wine and a bottle of sparkling water. Doesn’t get any better than that. 

The boys trekked back up the hill after about an hour and a half, and shortly thereafter, so did Fred. So we were back on the road a bit sooner than we’d expected. Once home, we recharged and went out to Il Monastero, home of the two-plate pizza for dinner. The tradition is to photograph each person with his dish, or dishes, as it were.

Her hair was attached to that rosemary bush all night :)