Pirates, Parties & Pasta

Today, Owen had to go to a ten-minute meeting about a paper for his class. And I went out to take Erin & Frank’s family Christmas card photo, so we regrouped at about noon. 

This might not be the card choice, but here they are!

The boys and I then drove to Marta (a lake town where a great deal of Italy's fishing industry is) and lunched at Il Pirata, a great seafood place on the lake that has a "pirate-like" owner. 

Again, it was 97, so hanging around Viterbo was just not a very attractive option. The boys had shrimp sauce over gnocchi, a favorite, and shared a coregone (lake fish). I had the coregone and salad. 

The pirate was there : ) I must translate the menu/story about him that I took a photo of… it must be interesting. Not only does the owner have an eye patch like a pirate, but a big dent in his forehead! 
After lunch, the boys swam again at Capodimonte. We came back around 5, showered and went to the school for the final show. Great show by the artists, great readings by the writers. 

Awesome piece by Annalisa Sheldahl.

The group.
Then dinner at L’Archetto, an outdoor place that is always very good to us. A great night all around.

Caroline & Fred

Carlotta & Caroline

Carlotta got us a cake!

 Adam carried a fan the whole time because
Kelly left the next day and gave it to us :)