Date Night & the Duck

This post is called Date Night & the Duck,  but admittedly, it will have some photos that have nothing to do with that night. Some are from a night when Fred and I went out to check the availability of the night of Owen's birthday, only to be convinced to stay for dinner (and make a reservation for his birthday.... actually, for the night after because his birthday night, a Tuesday, is their day to be closed. Every restaurant and shop has to be closed one day a week.).

This next shot—I can't remember where we were, but this could be any number of nights when we asked Kelly to join us. She was the glue that kept the four of us Lynches together this summer, for which we are very grateful. 

This shot was taken a couple of days before we left. Most shops and bars have beads hanging from the doorways. Must be a way to keep bugs out. This one looked exactly like spaghetti!

I shot this because Henry is going off to college in the town where the "Smiley Face" was invented. Worcester, Massachusetts. This is a take on the ubiquitous image.

And now we're at that date night, but again, this will lapse into our last night in Viterbo, which was spent at the same restaurant ( The Garden of the Duck), but with the whole family, as opposed to a date night with just Fred and me.

On our way there, we witnessed a water delivery. The arsenic issue is very real!

At the Garden of The Duck, the appetizer was over the top. It's described simply as fried vegetables, but it was better than anything we've eaten in the States.

Our table. We had a reservation, but, sadly, he thought we were coming the Wednesday PRIOR to this particular Wednesday! The weather was chilly so we had to eat indoors, so we were lucky to get a table!

My "mezzo litre de vino bianco" was misundertood and morphed into an entire bottle of non-house wine : )  No problem!

A reluctant pose.

A requested pose.

This was what we figured was a batchelor party. There were some women, though, so it might not be an accurate theory. Pretty rowdy!

Check out the Go-Pro! Or is that a selfie on a rod???

Fred's favorite: Caccio e Pepe.

I've been ordering this amazing salad of arugula and tomatoes with steak and parmesan cheese chunks.

This is what the Garden of the Duck looks like. It's our favorite spot. Sort of a rooftop setting with a very lively host, Mareno   :)

This shot (above) and the one below were taken on our date night.

Sneaky devil, that Mareno!