Our Italy. Past & Present.

This will be my final blog post for Luglio (2013). See you next year, and thanks so much for following.

Twelve years ago, my father wrote a brochure for a Tuscan villa, for which he took a week at the property in lieu of cash. We four lucky Lynches got to tag along with my folks. This year, since we were visiting Siena (very near this villa), Owen suggested we find “our” villa. And that we did. It was much easier than one would expect—with an iPad in the car and the MAPS app, anything is possible. And easy.

Barbara, the proprietor’s daughter, whom we had not met 12 years ago, lives there now with her young family. She found us snooping around and asked if she could help us. We explained ourselves and all the walls came down and we are now Facebook friends. We have history. And memories. 

Here are our pictures, past and present: