Sweet Sixteen

Every year, my poor son has a birthday in Italy. (So sad…… ) But seriously, the sad thing is that very often if falls on the day before we leave, so his special day is spent cleaning the apartment, returning the car and bringing boxes to the school for storage till next year. Not all that fun for anyone on any day, never mind a birthday for a kid. 

This year, we squeezed time in to have a nice lunch of pasta with pesto on our little landing. Fred’s legs had to go off to the side, and I had to climb onto my chair from behind it, but it worked out well.

Dinner, later, was at Il Monastero, the home of the two-plate pizza, Owen’s favorite. Everyone’s favorite, for that matter. The pizzas are so big they literally need to be delivered on two plates. And the crust is so thin, and the toppings so fresh, nobody ever has any trouble finishing it. 

TA Extraordinaire Karen came, too, which always makes it a party.

Two years ago, we asked if we could buy a plate. The response from the owner: he gave us FOUR!