Tuscany Day Trip

We always take a lot of day trips during the last week after classes end. This day, on the agenda were Montepulciano, Pienza and San Quirico d’Ostia. Beautiful honeymooner-type towns. My friend Peter Pappas and his family just got back from their favorite villa, for which the owners commissioned Fred to do a drawing for a label for either their wine or their olive oil. We forget. Anyway, we found it (easily) and dropped in to meet the brother of our contact. Gracious host. Beautiful spot.


The boys and I were thrilled to have the company of this kitty.

But I was the happiest, being the only one not allergic.


Notice the light to dark change. This happened almost every day for the first three weeks of our stay. Huge thunderstorms.


Another picture-perfect piazza. Pienza, in this case.


Grape lights!


Groups of old women are fixtures on every piazza.They’re almost as irresistible as CinqueCentos.


"Gas" marked behind each chair. Need a better caption…..


Ugliest flower ever?


Ciao Bimba! 


I don’t like this monk’s body language. It says, “Who, me?”  


I feel like I’m being watched.


Cheese, Grommet!


Cutest shop, cutest proprietor. I bought a ring made from a wine bottle’s spout. Everything in the store is made (by her) from things people usually throw out. 


Pienza is a town (like our own, Viterbo) that is on the Roma via Francigena, an ancient road and pilgrim route running from France to Rome. In mediaeval times, it was followed by those wishing to visit the tombs of the apostles Peter and Paul. This charming ceramic signs pop up often.


Badass Henry Lynch.


Small boy with smaller dog.


The man responsible for all of this.


Where’s Waldo? (Find the cat.)


Sun setting on Tuscany.