A Beautiful Life

Before the wedding, we went to some famous churches. I shopped and walked—mostly walked because stores were closed due to the time of day. I’m not a museum or church person, and I need my alone time, so I let them go on ahead with the museum/church stuff. We were separated for only 40 minutes. 

We lunched at a cute spot which we had seen on the way in—just a little panini place—but ended up having Caprese salad (me), lasagna (the boys) and pizza slices (Fred). It was nice and JUST about to rain. After that was when we came upon the wedding. 

Chinese-Italian kids. 
A Beautiful Live was filmed here, apparently.

Finding the Villa was a bit challenging, but Adam had a thought. Since the spot on our GPS for the villa seemed to be between two roads, and the road we were on seemed not to have a road TO IT, maybe we should go down the other road. Sure enough, there it was. A long cypress-lined road lead up to the Villa. We parked and were given the keys to our room. Fred and I took the “superior” room, while the boys got the standard. I felt very tormented by this, but in the end, the rooms were almost identical. I have no idea what made one better than the other, except that ours had the complimentary Chianti, which leads me to believe they had assumed the married couple, and the person making the booking, would be the one to get the Chianti.  

The boys spent the afternoon at the pool, ignoring the rules to take a foot bath and a shower and wear a bathing cap before entering. There was much PDA by some Italians at the pool, which Owen found awkward. This is the case in the entire country. Funny how customs are. You would not see such PDA in Ireland.  The boys later took out bikes and road around the area.

Fred and I tried to find our refueling methods—his being drawing, mine being writing this blog. But there was not a spot on the grounds (ACRES) to sit in the shade, with wifi. The biggest drawback of the place (which was otherwise quite like paradise) was that there was no place to simply “be.” The room was too hot, sadly, and the only chair was a very low slung one at a desk. Sitting in it preventing you from having any relationship with the desk because it was too far away. It’s obnoxious to complain about a “villa,” but it was not expensive, and it’s clear why it wasn’t.

Dinner was another adventure. The Villa’s dining room was full for the night. I had not intended to book there, but was sorry that I didn’t think to ask if the boys could have a bite there because they wanted to take advantage of the pool, and the grounds. But then again, the pool closed at 8. We left at 9:15 for a pizzeria Fred found on Trip Advsior in a neighboring area of Arezzo called Poggio. It was an 18-minute drive and when we got there we were psyched to see that we were the only non-locals (bingo!) There were probably five or six tables, one of which was quite large, and possibly adjoining another. We surmised this because the people at the tables were talking to each other. But then, the people at the other two tables struck up a conversation too! It was impossible to figure out who knew each other ahead of time, and who was just friendly, (aka Italian). An hour or so later, we were back on the road to the Villa.

Funny, this would never be on an American coke bottle.

The Villa's restaurant.